How An Optimized Website Can Make or Break Your Business

Acting as one of the cornerstones of the internet, a website has an immense impact on a business’s digital impact. Since it acts as the first point of contact between a company and its potential clientele, it’s overall atmosphere must be as impactful as possible for it to truly engage users. Today we’ll be looking at optimized websites and how they can help your business reach new heights.

What is it
If you’re a business owner chances are you’ve told someone to “google my business” and based off where your company landed in the search results, you were either overjoyed or went back to work.

That’s where optimized websites come into play. They work to make sure that your business is among the first potential customers see when they search for a service or product that you provide. Operating differently from the traditional website builder, optimized websites are built from scratch to provide the most effective results.

How Does It work?
The purpose of optimized website is to, (you guessed it) optimize a business’s online presence.But how exactly does it do this? It’s simple. Once the website is created keywords, relating to the business, are then added to the final web design. The purpose of these words is to help search engines pick them up when a user does a search on something that is related to your business.

These keywords are also used throughout all the social media platforms that your business uses, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The more platforms you use, the more integration these keywords will get and the higher your business will rank on a search result.

One of the easiest ways to understand how keywords help rank your business is to imagine your business is for sale. The keywords act as “For Sale” signs that notify people of a business for sale in their area when they’re walking their dog, going to the store, driving etc. If there are no signs, then no one will know you’re selling your company.

What Does this Mean for your Business?
Got it? Good. Now here’s how it translates into optimizing your business performance.Optimized websites are simple, not easy. They must be created with your target market in mind in order to appear on the right users search results.

If you owned a company that sold various types of road bikes but on your website, you only write about the advanced technology used to construct the bikes, your website would not appear on someone who is searching for a new bike. Instead it would appear on someone doing a search about advanced tech. What’s worse is that if someone is misled on to your website and immediately leaves, Google will bump down your website rank making you less noticeable to potential clients.

As you can imagine, an optimized website can either boost your company up to new heights or completely undermine it. With a properly optimized website your company’s presence will increase drastically, leaving the tough part of closing the sale all up to you.

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