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3 Ways ​Social Media Marketing​ Impacts Your Business

No matter who you are there’s a high chance you’re one of 3.48 billion people who use social media to some extent. Although it’s had an impact on most of our personal lives ever since February 2004, (the official date Mark Zuckerberg stopped blinking) it has just recently been getting a lot of attention from businesses, and for good reason too.

Read on to find out how ​social media marketing Impacts your business.

1) Increases Presence

One of the most important things about a business is its visibility. It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s best ice cream if no one knows about you, that’s where social media comes into play.

Popularity is the name of the game when it comes to social media and your business needs to learn how to play ball. ​SEO services (Search Engine Optimization), are one of the most used when it comes to social media marketing. They allow your business to be among the first users see when looking for a service or product that you provide.

NO media? NO problem! Did you know that 50% of people who don’t have Facebook live with someone who does? If you’re worried that your target market isn’t social media savvy rest assured that someone they know is.

2) Connects you with your Clientele
Ever wonder why ​social media influencers ​are making big bucks from their posts? Its because they have a genuine connection with their followers that is crucial for organizations.

Clients love genuine communication with businesses, it not only shows that you care about them but also shows the human side of your company.

Many ​social media platforms like ​Instagram​ and ​Twitter​ are already used as a more personal way to interact with clients. In fact, according to a study done by ​Smart Insights​, 63% of customers expect business to offer online customer service through their channels, and 90% of users have already used social media to connect with companies.

In terms of customer service, you can’t afford to ignore the benefits of social media marketing.

3) Boosts Conversion
The higher the interaction the more memorable you become, ultimately increasing the likelihood that your brand is the first that users think of when searching for a service or product you provide. Businesses are already taking advantage of this aspect of SMM by hiring a ​digital marketing agency ​ to help them rank better in search results.

How does this work you ask? It’s simple: The more organic content your brand produces (i.e. videos, posts, comments, pictures, etc.) the more it will get picked up by search engine algorithms that work to provide relevant search results.

The Verdict?
Social Media Marketing: A Business’s Best Friend. With its implications on businesses today social media marketing impacts your business too much for it to be ignored. If you were on the fence about whether social media is worth investing in these 3 reasons should be more than enough to urge you to reconsider.

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