Website vs App

App vs Website: What to use and when to use it

While both of these are important to your business, especially in this day and age, today we are going to go over how to use both of them and what they should include!

For starters, your website is very important because it acts as the hub for your business.

While office buildings used to be the hub of your business, nowadays people normally find your business through online means. Either they use a search engine or they see a post on social media and find your business through that.

So really, your website is your first real impression on your customers.

While customers may find you on social media first, your website is the first time they have your whole business laid out in front of them, rather than a small section in a post.

From your website your customer should be able to see everything that your business has to offer.

This means that they should find your businesses’ mission statement, the story of why you created this business, who you are, and all your products and services.

Your website needs to be the head of your operation and have a lot of information so that your customers stay on the site longer.

Your app on the other hand needs to be efficient.

Apps are meant to be used on the go because they are being used on a mobile device. People scroll to kill time, usually when they are waiting for something.

So your app cannot be full of information. Instead it needs to be efficient, flashy, and easy to use.

While your website needs to accomplish a number of tasks, your app just needs to encourage your customers to use your services more often and on the go. They’re different, but they work together to make your business more accessible.

So, both are important, they just have different uses. Luckily for you, we can help you make the best app and website for your business!


Why is Having a Strong Website so Important?

Nowadays, with social media and everyone sharing everything, it is hard to picture the importance of a website.

But a website is very important because it acts as a hub for your business. Your website should have all the necessary services for your customers so that they can get the most out of your business. Whether they want to learn more about your team and your brand or they want to view and order your products/services, your website should have it all. By making your website easy to understand and eye catching for your customers, it will make clients stay on your website for longer.

But how do people find your website?

Through one of two main ways. Either they travel to your website after discovering the brand somewhere else, like social media. Or they find your website through an online search. Which is why something that we focus on when building websites is keywords to up our client’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a tool that website creators use to ensure that a website will be higher on the list of search results when customers search for something on the internet. Whether they are searching for a product or a brand, SEO is very important when it comes to website building.

So what is the point of a website?

It is a place for your customers to get all the information about your business, but it is also a way for customers to find you. In other words, it could be your first impression and you know as well as us that first impressions count!