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Why Green Marketing is so Important

So why is green marketing so important anyway? 

Well, marketing is your direct line to your customers. Oftentimes, an ad is the first impression that you make with a potential customer. So, you want to make sure that your marketing not only speaks to what is important about your company, but also appeals to the demographic that you want to impress.

Many companies are using green marketing nowadays because people are more conscious about the environment than ever. Studies have shown that 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product if they know that the product is environmentally conscious.

Green marketing can include many things including eco-friendly paper, using eco-friendly power sources, and using non-paper methods for marketing. One of the most important parts of green marketing is also making sure that people know that your business is taking these steps to be a sustainable business. If customers know that this is important to you, then they may be more interested in your products.

Not only does it ensure that your customers know what’s important to your business, but it helps to educate people and bring awareness to sustainable business practices. Some people may not know that businesses can take so many steps to be green. This is especially important because more and more people are starting their own businesses and may want to adopt some of these practices.

Innovation also helps with brand recall. When you create a reputation for being a green business, people are more likely to remember your brand. This means that more people will talk about your brand with others and that means more customers for you.

Not to mention, that green marketing shows other businesses that they can go green too. So, not only can you make your business greener, but you can inspire other businesses to do the same.

So what are you waiting for? Start your green marketing strategy today!

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Is Your Business Still Without a Website? Here’s Why You Need One!

Every day, people use the Internet to search for companies, products and services. Almost half of the planet’s population is on the web (that’s 3.77 billion people!). So here’s the thing:

As a business, not having a website might be one of your biggest hurdles to success. And chances are, everyone else in your market is already ahead of you in the competition.

Do you really want to be the only one lagging behind and losing potential customers?  

Here’s why having a website for your business should be a no-brainer!

It builds credibility with your customers

If you think a Facebook page or a Twitter account will do it for you, you are wrong!

56% of consumers don’t trust a business without a website. That’s because a consumer’s first instinct is to search for you online to find out more information about your products and services, or simply to get in touch with you. 

Not having a website calls into question your credibility as a business. If anything, this is a lot like promoting a boutique without a physical address. 

It’s available 24/7

Not only will your website make you easily accessible to your customers, it will also make you available around the clock!

Unlike a physical store, people will still check your products and even make online purchases on holidays and outside your opening hours.

It connects you with your prospects FOR FREE!

With millions of people searching the web to find products and services like yours, imagine the latent potential this has for your business!

All you need to attract your potential customers is a unique website, optimized for your relevant keywords. You can then count on the search engine algorithms to bring the right people to you without spending a single penny!

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It’s essential for promoting your brand

A website is a very powerful and effective marketing tool. It provides you with a platform to talk about your business, products and industry through content (blogs, infographics and videos). 

A relevant content strategy that focuses on providing value to your customers will enhance their awareness of your brand, build more trust and bring you more revenue!  

Having an effective online presence is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. And for that, you need a website. Want to start now? Check our web design packages!