3 Reasons Why Insta is good for NGO

3 Reasons why Instagram is good for NGOs

3 Reasons Why Instagram is a Great Place to Grow Your NGO

Serving as one of the most popular social media platforms out there, Instagram allows users to share experiences that both engage their followers, while helping them explore new trends. Contrary to popular belief however, Instagram isn’t only for cat videos and “dank memes” (shocker), it’s a great place for NGOs to grow in both their reach and visibility.

Would you like to know the secret behind why some NGO’s are doing better than others? It all comes down to one thing: popularity. The more people that know who you are and understand your vision the more interaction you will get.

Read on to find out 3 reasons why Instagram, of all places, is a great place to grow your NGO.

1) Any Size Can Thrive

Whether you are a top NGO, or just starting out, Instagram can prove beneficial to your cause. The #1 reason for this is because it’s FREE. You don’t need a budget to start, just any modern-day self-phone will do the trick.

Take a look at Operation Smile for instance an NGO with a following of almost 50k, all of their posts are either pictures or videos of the families that they’ve helped and the doctors that helped them.

No crazy infographic, no stats, just people smiling at the camera and a caption that describes who they are and the adversities that they’ve overcome.

2) Helps Share Your Mission

Instagram is great for sharing your mission and educating people on the cause you fight for. People are not motivated by what they are told but rather what they are shown, Instagram allows you not only to talk about what you are doing but also show the importance of WHY you’re doing it.

Just take Greenpeace for example, one of the most influential environmental NGOs with almost 2 million followers. With each post they show how damaged our earth is, further validating why they exist and why we should do something about it. This tactic has helped them become the #1 climate change NGO and has played a hand in educating millions about the status of our planet.

Instagram can be an educational tool that not only empowers people to MAKE a change but also inspires them to STAND for a change.

3) It Digitalizes the Movement

In this modern age, ease of access is where it’s at. There’s no possible way to reach EVERYONE in your target market but there is a way to increase the amount of people you do reach.

By using Instagram, all your calls to action can be streamlined through the simple act of asking your supporters to go on their phones, something they’re already doing. Asking for volunteers, donations, or even promoting an event no longer has to be time consuming or done in person, with one post you can reach almost everyone.

Even in terms of donating Instagram can be beneficial; A study done by Heather Yandow in the US showed that 2 of every 4 people now donate online. Not with standing furniture donation, or clothes donation people respond better to online donations because it’s fast, easy, and most importantly: accessible.

With it being the #2 most used social media platform right now, nothing says accessible better than Instagram. Everyone & their mom have it, making it a great place for NGOs to thrive. Get it, learn it, love it.

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