The Secret to Captions

More and more businesses are beginning to focus on their social media presence. While there is an art to graphics and how often to post, there are also many tricks to captioning your content.

These tips vary from platform to platform, and we will be breaking down the top ones to help you create the best and most effective captions for your business.

In general

First, let’s talk about some general tips for captioning things. The most important thing to include is a call to action! This means that at the end of the caption, you should give your followers something to do.

The easiest way to do this is to ask your followers a question to answer in the comments. Not only does this encourage interaction with your followers, it also ups the engagement on your page because you have more comments.

So a call to action is important across all platforms


It’s very hard to resist using as many hashtags as possible with Instagram because it’s a great way for people to find you. However, it is more effective to use fewer hashtags that are very specific to what you’re talking about.

People can follow hashtags, so you want to make sure that the ones you use are common terms to search that are specific enough to your brand. For example, #socialmedia has 21.5 million posts on Instagram and #socialmediastrategy only has 1 million.

The more likely someone will click on your post the better.


Even though Facebook seems like the perfect platforms for long captions, studies actually show that shorter captions are more effective.

In fact, the most effective caption length on Facebook is only 40 words! With a call to action, you only need about 30 more

Who knew that captions could be that easy?

That’s the end of our caption tips! And for our call to action: how many of these tips did you know?

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